Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple.

Dog day care should be a fun and safe place for dogs to socialize with other safe, social dogs.

We believe that day care can help dogs gain more confidence, help them learn what they need to know about canine etiquette and learn to respect the human side of their life. Its not just about dogs playing but all the learning that goes on during their day.

We regularly call dogs out of excited play to practice recalls. That helps us maintain control, teaches them that coming when called is good and a good recall can help keep a dog safe and your frustration level to a minimum. We require dogs to be in control of themselves when they are in the office or the day care play area. We require all dogs to have ‘4 on the floor’ and don’t open gates until everyone in the pack complies. Dogs learn quickly what we is expected of them at day care when positive training is used.

Keeping dog and handler’s safety in mind, we treat all the dogs with respect and reward all good behavior with vocal or physical praise. We make sure they know when they’ve done the right  thing. Corrections consist of static pens for time outs, time on a lead with us and vocabulary such as “No Bark”, “Off”, “Leave it”.

At Paws to Play we will take dogs that lack socializing and offer them the opportunity to learn what they need to know. We do not continue if they are aggressive or unsafe for our other clients. We believe all dogs need to learn to be confident with people and dogs and there is no better place to do that than a safe day care with knowledgeable staff.

We, as humans, are asking dogs to live in our world and follow our rules. Keeping that in mind, we use body blocking, subtle movements, eye  contact, hand signals and verbal commands to communicate with the dogs.

There is nothing more rewarding for us than communicating successfully and doing it in a positive way that they understand.

We see the results everyday!