What’s the difference between Day Care and the Dog Park?

First and foremost, dogs at day care are screened and ONLY dog friendly dogs are allowed. You know, when you drop your dog off at the day care, that the operator of the day care has knowledge of all the dogs participating. At the dog park, any dog can participate whether they behave nicely or not. Nobody has control over who comes and who doesn’t.

Who can come to day care?

All dog friendly, non aggressive dogs can come to day care. We can work on socializing issues as long as there are no aggression issues involved. Some aggression is out of fear but it can be dealt with through socializing. We can determine this during your dog’s screening. Note: All dogs are evaluated on an ongoing basis regardless of how long they have been attending day care.

What is a screening?

A screening consists of a visit by you and your dog to our day care facility. Bring your application and we’ll talk about your dog and if they have any special needs or issues that we need to be aware of. Interviews are booked for the end of the day. This way, your dog is able to walk through the day care and sniff it out.

Why are the dogs required to be in day care by 9:30am?

Having a 9:30am cut off time helps us keep day care safe. Constant disruption during the day doesn’t give the dogs a chance to relax and take a break. Its very tough on the newest dog entering day care when his energy level is much higher than those that have been in since 7am.

In the afternoon the dogs are slowing down and resting more but when dogs are entering the day care all day long, they never calm down and remain in a constant ‘expectant’ state which is stressful and edgy. In our opinion, this is not conducive to having a safe atmosphere.

What do they do all day?

The mornings are the most active. Towards the late afternoon, the dogs start to slow down (a little!) We encourage rest times or calm times so everyone can take a break from play at the same time. The play tends to be in smaller intervals until its time to go home, but socializing is ongoing throughout the day.

Can Day Care promote bad or aggressive behavior?

We do not condone over aggressive play. Dogs can get very worked up during play but we always ensure that it does not get out of hand. We enforce a rest period at different intervals during the day. We also have the dogs sit before opening any gates to ensure a calm and controlled exit and entrance. This helps with basic training also.

How often can my dog attend day care?

Your dog can attend day care as much as you would like. Currently, we are open 5 days a week.

Is my dog safe?

All dogs in day care must meet the same high standards of behavior. Having said that, there are times when small squabbles might arise and through play, your dog might suffer a scratch or a scrape. Dog fighting will not be tolerated. We will give dogs a “time out” if it is necessary.

What should I expect after the first day?

Your dog might experience sore muscles after their first day care day. If they don’t get much exercise regularly, day care offers a lot of it in one day. At the very least, your dog will be very tired.

What if my dog is not accepted to attend day care?

Don’t be discouraged if your dog is not accepted into day care. This is no reflection on you. Some dogs just aren’t “day care dogs”. We can help you arrange another type of service to accommodate your needs and your dogs needs.