Day Care Tips

  1. Make sure the facility is clean. Does it smell clean? How often is it cleaned and with what?
  2. Are the dogs under full time supervision?
  3. Are the dogs all in one group or can they be separated.
  4. Neutering: Required at most day cares but at what age can vary with each facility.
  5. Vaccinations are standard but how often can vary from each facility.
  6. How are corrections handled? EG: time outs, kenneling, time on a leash.
  7. Does the Day Care offer other services? EG: nail clipping, bathing, boarding.
  8. Is there an outside area or are the dogs taken for walks? How many and how long?
  9. Staff should give you a “report” of your dog’s visit. How was their behavior? Anything happen out of the ordinary physically or with his behavior? Even potty habits are things your day care should be aware of. After all, they are watching your dog 6+ hours or more. You need to know if there is something unusual going on.
  10. The other side of that is true too. You need to inform staff if there are some issues going on with your dog. Have they suffered an injury recently? Is there some disruption going on at home that is causing the dog to behave differently? Staff can keep a closer eye on your dog to mark any unusual changes in health or behavior.
  11. Day care can help dogs that are timid and shy. Don’t think that your dog isn’t a good candidate because she is not gregarious with other dogs. Discuss your concerns with your day care and ask what steps they can take to work with your dog. Not all day cares can offer this specialized type of service. Make sure they don’t plan on locking him up in a pen or kennel all day.
  12. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions. We have given you some tips but if you have other questions, just ask. Day Care operators are there to help your dog have a safe and fun visit. Everytime!