Meet The Staff


Meet Kevin Ng, the owner and operator of Paws to Play. At a young age he discovered that a dog is more than just a pet and has more complex needs than most understand. After being surrounded by dogs while growing up, Kevin had always known he wanted to work in the canine industry. He decided to become a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT) in 2008, {from the International Academy of Canine Trainers which is registered with the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of British Columbia (PCTIA)}.

When the opportunity came to become the owner of an established daycare, Kevin jumped right on board. What could be better than waking up and heading to work where a bunch of wagging tails and happy faces would greet you? Since Kevin has become the owner of Paws to Play he has formed a special bond with each and every dog that walks into the daycare. His years of experience and training has lead him to become a great leader and well loved by his pack.

Kevin currently owns two dogs. Kahlua, a big yet gentle golden retriever with all the personality of a spoilt princess. Kahlua is a ‘facility dog’ and is present at the daycare almost exclusively. Kenzie, a Golden puppy became the newest member of the family after Kody, his beloved border collie passed in 2012. Kevin is also the proud owner of two cats, Elmo a grumpy yet talkative Persian, and Kali, a sweet and affectionate calico. Kevin is also a volunteer dog trainer at Ocean Dog Rescue.


Born and raised in Cloverdale, Paws to Play staff member, Christina, has always had a place in her heart for animals. After graduating in 2008 she took numerous art and anthropology courses at Kwantlen before realizing that the path she had chosen wasn’t quite right for her. When the opportunity to work with animals called, she jumped at the chance. Growing up with dogs of all kinds and dog sitting for neighbour’s pooches made for an easy transition into the daycare.

Her love for dogs is apparent in her endless chatter about her own four legged friends. Charlie, her lab cross is her pride and joy and has been her companion for the last 12 years and Zoey, lab mix rescue and the recent addition to her family. Learning the subtle nuances of dog behaviour, she will provide the best possible care for your canine as possible. Since working at the daycare she had fallen in love with the environment and enjoys the fact that ‘work’ doesn’t seem so much like work anymore. Christina became a certified professional Dog trainer in November of 2013.

Though she is shy and a little reserved, Christina does enjoy a good chat and building relationships with the two legged sort of clientele. An artist by nature, expect to see excessive amounts photographs of your pups and doodles on every available surface of the daycare. Rest assured that your pup will be pampered and given lots of love and cuddles while she’s on shift. Christina successfully passed and received her Pet First Aid certificate in August 2011.



Cloverdale local, Nicole, has truly made her mark on the daycare when she started back in June 2011. After years of working in retail, she decided it was time for a change and became a Paws to Play pack leader. She has quickly found that working with dogs is what she was born to do. Her loving nature and generosity with belly rubs has earned a spot in the hearts of all the dogs that attend Paws to Play. There isn’t a tail that’s not wagging with joy when Nicole arrives.

Nicole currently shares a home with two dogs of her own. Sparky, Newfie mix, has been a part of her life since childhood and her biggest inspiration to work with dogs. Shadow, a young border collie mix, with his endless supply of energy, has taught her numerous lessons in dog behaviour. Her love for dogs goes back to days before even she could walk and had only grown since her arrival at Paws to Play. This love and devotion for pooches has brought much happiness to the daycare.

With her unwavering patience and calm demeanour, Nicole pulls out all her tricks to make a new dog feel comfortable in the fast paced daycare environment and makes sure that everyone is doled out their fair share of love and attention. Her years of experience in the customer service field has her being the go to girl for informing new clients about the daycare or giving you a report on your dogs day at the center. Passing her Pet First Aid course and successfully being certified in August 2011, your pets will be safe in Nicole’s hands.




We’ve recruited this a dog loving gal who’s originally all the way from Indiana. Jordan’s love for dogs goes back to days before even she could walk and has only grown since she started working with them. Growing up with a stunning lab named Comet, she knew she was destined to work with animals. She may not have a dog of her own now but she makes up for that space by doling out the love to whatever canine comes her way.

Jordan has experience in two other dog daycares and knows all the ins and outs of keeping your dog happy in a playful and safe environment. She attended Granville college for veterinary assisting and has certificates in animal restraint and surgical and office procedures. She also has experience in animal feed and care retail, and has wide knowledge on various canine related products. Her hands-on knowledge and endless compassion for all creatures, big or small, will be a tremendous asset to Paws to Play. Jordan has hopes to receive her certification in dog training later this year.