We love hearing from our clients how Paws to Play benefits them and their dogs. Here is a sampling of what our clients have to say. Want to contribute? Send us an e-mail at info@pawstoplay.com !

Helen & John with If it wasn’t for Paws to Play Doggy Daycare and Nicole, Christina & Jordan’s loving care and attention, I honestly don’t know what we would do! Paws to Play is one amazingly well-run doggy daycare with dedicated, professional and caring staff who look after our Leo as if he was their own. We have total confidence in the Paws team knowing that he’s in very capable hands. As an older dog with hip and separation issues, a kennel environment isn’t an option, so it is a blessing to be able to have Leo stay with Jordan – to whom he has closely bonded – when we go on vacation. As much as Leo always loves coming home at night, he also loves to go to Paws in the morning. Thank you so much for what you do for your human and doggy clients – you are the best!

Helen & John with "Leo"

Amanda with My dog is so well looked after here and has the time of his life. The staff are absolutely amazing and really truly care about your pets!

Amanda with "Doug"

Laura with By far this is the best Doggy Daycare! Thank you to the three amazing ladies who take care of my Winnie Cooper. I always take comfort in her excitement when dropping her off knowing you treat her and all the other pups like you would your own. You guys rock!

Laura with "Winnie"

Kristen & Mike with 'Bella'"Paws to Play is a first class doggy daycare! Bella loves other dogs but is VERY attached to her people, so leaving her in a calm state can be a challenge. All three ladies at Paws to Play contribute to Bella having a fun-filled day without us. Bella is also a little dog in a big dog world, but the ladies at P2P always make sure she is safe when playing with the bigger dogs. She always comes home played-out!

We were so happy when we found Paws to Play because it is a well rounded, professional, and loving organization. As clients for literally all of their services - mid-day dog walks, dog-sitting, daycare, and the occasional grooming we can say without hesitation this is a great place for your dog on every level. Bella has become part of the pack at P2P and looks forward to seeing the ladies every day! Thank you for all that you do!"

Kristen & Mike with 'Bella'

Norm & Wendy with Hi my name is Jackson, I am a Bernese Mountain Dog and 18 months young, this is my first testimonial, so if my grammar or spelling is incorrect please bear with me.
My days at Paws to Play is nothing short of magic there is always a welcome from one of the friendly staff upon arrival, they give me time to say good bye to my mom or dad, then the fun begins, I get to see all my friends and play, they have toys and ramps to play or sleep on I don't do much of that, but if they see I am getting tired they will give me a time out which is good sometimes I do not know when to stop playing its so much fun. they will even feed me lunch, or give me a bath, not too crazy about that but I look and smell great after. I love Nicole, Christina and Jordan. Well I will turn this testimonial over to my mom, oh one more thing all you K9s tell your parents to call Paws to Play for more information on a magical fun day!
Well what more is there to say, only when Jack comes home happy and content I know he has had a great day with his friends. He knows when we are close to the daycare he starts to fuss, he never looks back after saying good bye, it’s such a great feeling knowing that all staff Nicole, Christina and Jordan love each and every one of them and are treated like their own, I would like to say thank you to all the staff for taking such good care of Jackson and all the animals in your care.
Happy Clients

Norm & Wendy with "Jackson"

Shelley with 'Harley'A great big thank-you to all the staff at paws to play ,without all the wonderful care and love that you provide for my 4 legged child I wouldn't be able to work . The mornings that I bring Harley to paws he knows were we are going and frantically he paces back and forth , when we arrive he can't get in there fast enough this is such a good feeling to know your pet will be in good hands . I can't say enough good things about you ladies but I can say that the utmost care is provided at paws.I THANK -YOU and Harley thanks you and loves you all

Shelley with 'Harley'

Shaina, Dave, Sharon with Hi Everyone at Paws to Play,

I just wanted to extend my thanks for taking care of Cuba while I was looking after him for my parents. He is a well behaved dog who is used to dog parks, but I was very happy to see how well supervised, controlled and cared for the dogs were at your daycare. Christina happily picked him up every morning at 6 so I could make it to work, and Cuba would spend the half hour before she came wandering to the door looking for her. He would be out the door and into her vehicle without a backward glance. He doesn't much like getting in cars, so this was wonderful. I always got a quick run down of the day from Nicole or Christina when I picked him up, and he was always happy, healthy and completely exhausted when I got him home. The last day I picked him up he tried to turn around and go back in, so I knew you guys were doing something very right!! Even a month later, you can still ask him "where's Christina? Do you want to go to Daycare?" and he looks for her. Thank you so much for making him part of the family and for giving such great care.

Shaina, Dave, Sharon with "Cuba"

Lana and Bob with Hi Catherine,
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all you and Theresa are doing for Rio. He was not that eager to leave me at first when I brought him to Paws to Play Doggy Daycare but that seems to have changed over the weeks he has been exposed to the daycare situation. He is a Shiba Inu and very determined to have his own way but my husband and I were also determined he should have some time with other dogs in a safe environment and we should have some free time to work or do other activities. Over the weeks in daycare he has come to trust Catherine and Theresa and now goes in eagerly to his daycare pals and comes home tired having played with his friends all day. He also has had a bath at daycare and had his toes trimmed which is something he would not let my husband or I do. Overall I think Catherine and Theresa deserve many kudos for all the care and attention they give to Rio and all the other dogs as well. It can not be an easy job even if you do love dogs...so thank you very much.

Lana and Bob with "Rio"

Hi Catherine,

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and Teresa for taking such good care of Brolan for so many years. He was always very excited to "go daycare" and play and visit. On the days he knew he was going to daycare, he would lay next to the door and stare at me while I got ready for the day, as if to say, "Hurry up!" He was always so happy whenever I picked him up, I swear he wanted to say "Mom, I had the funnest day ever!" I'm glad he got a chance to spend one last day with you two and his doggy friends. Your daycare was one of his joys in life. Thank you.

Bonnie with Brolan

"Thanks again for looking after Chevy. It gives me peace of mind when she is with you. I know she is safe and having a great time. She is as excited to see you as she is to see me and she has only met you a few times. She is sound asleep now just minutes after gobbling down her dinner. I don't imagine I will hear from her for the rest of the night."

Barbara with "Chevy"

"I just wanted to send you a short note to express my thanks for taking such good care of Dude...I know when I leave that he will be cared for as if you were his mommy. I remember meeting you for the first time and being so pleased and impressed with your facility to accommodate all types of dogs, big or small."

Patty with "Dude" Jack Russell Terrier

"I thought my 4 yr old giant Schnauzer was impossible to tire out-until I took him to Paws to Play Day Centre. After both my dogs' first day with Catherine, they were too tired to follow me around the house all evening. I too, enjoyed a blissfully quiet evening.
As an advocate for off leash parks and beaches, I've read all the studies about the great physical, mental and social benefits they provide dogs. Taking my dogs to Paws to Play is like sending them for a day at a clean, well supervised off leash park. They come home dog tired and happy."

Donna Passmore, Canine Advocates (CAWS) with "Skidder" and "Whiskey"

"When getting our lab puppy, Hunter, we never thought we would have to put him into doggy day care. We knew we couldn't leave him home alone for ten hours a day. We did some homework and felt Paws to Play was best suited for him. Today, four months later, Hunter still goes to Paws to Play part-time and he loves it. Catherine has taken care of us when we needed her the most. To this we will always be very grateful."

Carmen and Abner with "Hunter"

"Henry and Brandy, my 2 Shelties have been going to day care since July 2004. The atmosphere and treatment they receive is wonderful. Great excitement happens on their "day out"; the dogs know where we're going and leap out of the car happily, ready for a day of fun. I have used both the grooming service and the boarding-both of which I am very happy with. It is good to know that my 2 dogs are with people that really love what they do and care about the pups as I do."

Kathie with "Brandy & Henry"

"Thank You for all of your work this year with Wally. I never believed he could be so calm around other dogs. Seeing his behavior in the dog park shows me with your help he has turned another corner. Thank You again."

Shannon with "Wally"

"Baxter has been attending Paws To Play for almost a year. If it wasn't for the day care he probably wouldn't be complaisant and social. Baxter enjoys coming and enjoys playing with all his buddies. Of all the day cares we have seen, if Baxter could talk he would say " this day care is AWSOME!!!!!!!"
Thank you!"

Ashleigh with "Baxter J. Beagle"

"I enrolled my 5 yr old Blue Healer, Amber, into 'Paws to Play' once a week so she would become more social with other dogs. After about 2 months I took her to her favorite dog park. To my astonishment, she ran off to a group of about half a dozen dogs and greeted every one of them. She was just trying to meet & play with as many dogs as possible, big or small!
Thanks so much. I am so amazed at the change in Amber, since she is an adult dog. Now she looks forward to going to the 'doggie day care' every week."

Jaime with "Amber"

"Catherine and staff genuinely care about the happiness, health and well being of our Maggie and we appreciate that so much. Its nice to know that when Maggie is at Paws to Play she is being so well looked after. ......they also have helped us to work on some behavior and personality issues our dog was having, with great success.
Thank You Catherine and her fabulous warm and caring staff for a much needed and appreciated place for our dog to play!"

Matt, Jennie, Grace with Maggie

"Thanks so much once again for all the hard work you put into "Paws to Play" and all the attention and thoughtfulness you put into your work (ie. dealing with our two crazy hounds). Your wisdom, opinions and guidance have been invaluable, and our dog experience has been a much better one with you helping us limp our way through the Beagle life. Thank you sooo much for all that you do!
We are much appreciative!"

Miranda & Chris with Mojo & Bronson