Our Mobile Services


Mobile Services

Mobile Services:

1. Nail Trim - $20

Experience hassle-free nail trimming! Our mobile nail trimming service caters to dogs, cats, and other small animals, bringing professional care right to your doorstep.

2. Quick Check-Up (15 Min) - $20

In a hurry? Opt for our 15-minute check-up, perfect for a quick bathroom break, feeding, litter change/scoop or medicine administration, leaving your pet happy and taken care of. This quick check-in also accommodates other small animals and includes services like litter scooping and administering medicine.

3. Extended Check-Up (30 Min) - $25

Need a little extra time? Our 30-minute check-up offers an extended opportunity for bathroom breaks, litter change/scoop, feeding, and administering any necessary medication to your beloved pet. It's ideal for ensuring all your pet's needs are met with a little extra care and attention.

4. Bath - S/M/L - $28/$30/$32

Treat your furry friend to a refreshing bath tailored to their size at our doggy daycare. We provide pampering baths for dogs of all sizes, ensuring a spa-like experience for your companion.

5. Personal Boarding - $50


Walking Services

1. Single Walk (30 Min) - $25

Let your pup stretch their legs and enjoy the fresh air with our 30-minute single walk, ensuring they return home happy and exercised.

2. Single Walk (1 Hr) - $35

For those pets with extra energy to burn, our 1-hour single walk is the perfect solution, offering ample time for exploration and exercise.

3. Group Walk (1 Hr) - $25

Socialization and play unite in our 1-hour group session at a local off-leash dog park, where your dog can make new furry friends and enjoy a fun, active outing. Our service includes convenient pick-up and drop-off, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both you and your pet.